Aeroponic Gardens and their Lights

Aeroponic gardens are a great way to have consistent produce year-round. They consist of a system that delivers nutrients to plants suspended in a container only by mist. There is no soil, and artificial light is used to make sure that the leaves have adequate energy. Overall, aeroponic gardens use 80% less water and have 3x the yield per square foot, but, if you’re doing it at scale, what should your lighting system be?

At scale, High Bay LED white lights or faint blue lights will work best. Providing maximum output for the wattage and controlling the heat lamp will make sure your growing environment will be consistent at all times. There are two factors here:


 Lumen counts of 6000 or greater contain a faint blue light. This is great for germination and plants that are just starting out. They still contain the white light that has all parts of the spectrum, but they are aiding extra in the germination process.

Heat Lamp

Any product that has a “specially designed heat lamp” means it will be adequate for the job. The real worry here is that an old high bay light puts off too much heat, changing the environment and harming your plants.

Our Recommendation

100 Watt LED High Bay UFO Lights -13,000 Lumen- Ultra Efficient 130 Lumens to Watts – Smaller and more efficient – Warehouse LED Lights – LED High Bay Lighting – High Bay LED Lights

The RuggedGrade LED High Bay Lights have 13000 lumen which means they have a blue tint but also contain the entire spectrum and are specially designed to contain heat.

High Bay Lights and Storms

How do you know if you have reliable high bay lights? We have thought up a couple of ways to test them and make sure your lights will stand up to any storm.

First, we always recommend securing your hanging system. Top lighting systems currently like the RuggedGrade High Bay LED light come with easy-to-install systems that are extremely reliable. Making sure these systems aren’t hanging on by a thread is a key first step.

100 Watt LED High Bay UFO Lights -13,000 Lumen- Ultra Efficient 130 Lumens to Watts – Smaller and more efficient – Warehouse LED Lights – LED High Bay Lighting – High Bay LED Lights

The primary problem with storms and high bay lights is the turbulence caused by roaring thunder. Because it’s outside the building, our recommendation is to have someone on the roof with a rubber mallet pounding lightly on the roof. This is a trial by fire mentality, but it is one that is sure to alleviate an accident when you don’t expect it.

Lastly, pay attention during storms! Make sure you are looking at how your high bay lights withstand the pressure, and make sure that there are no kinks in your fixture system. You can’t solve the problem of no electricity, but you can solve the problem of a poorly secured fixture.

High Bay Lights and Heat Lamps

How do you know if your high bay lights are generating too much residual heat? We took a look at the most common methods for discovering and solving this problem!

Heat generation comes from too many lights too close together or simply, old lights. Older lights did not have the LED technology today’s high bay lights have, and therefore generate more heat and use more power. This has two drawbacks:

1. You are heating your warehouse unnecessarily.

This is unhealthy for your lights and unhealthy for your workplace. If you spent over $10,000 on an HVAC and A/C system, for example, the last thing you want is to have that money go to waste because of your high bay lights.

2. You are spending way too much money on your electricity bill.

This is unhealthy for your company because old high bay LED lights simply use more power for the same our less output. Some of the most energy efficient high bay lights are only using 50-100W power and can save you up to 50% on your electric bill!

RuggedGrade 100 Watt LED High Bay UFO Lights

These UFO-Style lights are our recommendation to solve all of your high bay issues. They not only shine bright in warehouses, on basketball courts, and in garages, but they are easy-to-install and customers love them!  The 100 Watt High-Bay UFO Lights provide maximum light while remaining energy-efficient, and are built-to-last with a 5-year warranty.

These lights come with a hook for easy installation, they are small so you can do more with your space, and has 100% customer satisfaction on

At $179.99, you are getting ultra-energy efficient lights with over 13000 lumens and 5000k color all with a 100,000 hour lifespan. You can run these lights for 2 shifts/day for 30 years while having maximum brightness and light coverage for the cost!

100 Watt LED High Bay UFO Lights -13,000 Lumen- Ultra Efficient 130 Lumens to Watts – Smaller and more efficient – Warehouse LED Lights – LED High Bay Lighting – High Bay LED Lights

Replacing High Bay Lights

You have high bay lights and they have reached the end of their life. How do you replace them, and what should you replace them with?

Easy Installation

 Most modern LED high bay lights come with a hook for easy installation. That means all you need to do is hook the lights onto a support hook or directly to the ceiling and plug it in. Lights that require more installation than this are typically lower quality in their energy efficiency, heat sink, and lifespan.

Energy Efficiency

100W – 150W is more than enough nowadays to provide plenty of light. Many 100W high bay lights also provide upwards of 9000 lumens of light at 4000k color, meaning everything looks exactly as it should, and your space is bright enough to work in without being too bright to lose focus. From our research, 400W lamps are highly priced but provide nearly identical outcomes. Our recommendations are 150W for ceilings below 25 feet high, and 250W for ceilings 25 feet high. This will reduce your electric bill by potentially 30%, reduce generator strain significantly, and continue productivity in your workplace.

Long Life

Modern, cost-effective high bay LED lights have a lifespan upwards of 40,000 hours. This means that, running 2 shifts/day every day, you would need to replace the lights every 7 years. Of course, with holidays, one shift/day, and weekends, you would get 20 years out of each light. That is incredible, especially when working with highly energy-efficient lights.

Our Recommendation

The most value for your money LED high bay light that meets our criteria is the RuggedGrade 100W LED High Bay light. With 13,000 lumens and over 5000k color, these are ultra energy-efficient, have beautiful white-blue light, and are bright enough for more warehouse spaces. With a lifespan of 100,000 hours, you won’t need to replace these lights for 30 years even if you run 2 shifts/day, and they are priced at only $179.99. These are our favorite LED high bay lights, and we highly recommend them.

100 Watt LED High Bay UFO Lights -13,000 Lumen- Ultra Efficient 130 Lumens to Watts – Smaller and more efficient – Warehouse LED Lights – LED High Bay Lighting – High Bay LED Lights

High Bay Lights and Interior Design

Interior design has become more rustic, modern, and simple over the last several years. How has high bay lighting been affected, and how can interior designers better utilize high bay lights to achieve the feeling they want every person to have?

Blend In

High bay lights should be perfectly visible in plain sight but also invisible when not looking for them.  They should hang from the ceiling prominently but not obtrusively.  They are bright, powerful lights, but they have an important place in the feeling evoked by every person in the room.   These Lighting Ever high bay lights are bright at 120W and cheap at $139.99, but are dark in case the lighting ever needs to be more subtle or the wall paint is dark.

With the ability to hang from the ceiling or be stuck on the floor in the corner, Lighting Ever’s black, 120W high bay light is easy to install, cheap to power, and perfect for interior design.

LE 55W LED High Bay Lighting, Super Bright Commercial Lighting, 150W HPS or MH Bulbs Equivalent, 4800lm, Waterproof, Daylight White, LED High Bay Lights

Cost Effective

Let’s face it, you don’t need $500 high bay lights for intricate interior design, you simply need well-designed lights. These Lind Equipment lights can be used at bars, event spaces, exhibits, and in kitchens to create an atmosphere of openness and experimentation. at 400W, they are plenty powerful, but at under $150.00, they are also inexpensive.

Lind Equipment LE-HB400PLS Temporary High-Bay Light, Pulse Start, 400-Watt Metal Halide, Pre-Wired with Cord and Plug, Quad Tap Ballast.