Aeroponic Gardens and their Lights

Aeroponic gardens are a great way to have consistent produce year-round. They consist of a system that delivers nutrients to plants suspended in a container only by mist. There is no soil, and artificial light is used to make sure that the leaves have adequate energy. Overall, aeroponic gardens use 80% less water and have 3x the yield per square foot, but, if you’re doing it at scale, what should your lighting system be?

At scale, High Bay LED white lights or faint blue lights will work best. Providing maximum output for the wattage and controlling the heat lamp will make sure your growing environment will be consistent at all times. There are two factors here:


 Lumen counts of 6000 or greater contain a faint blue light. This is great for germination and plants that are just starting out. They still contain the white light that has all parts of the spectrum, but they are aiding extra in the germination process.

Heat Lamp

Any product that has a “specially designed heat lamp” means it will be adequate for the job. The real worry here is that an old high bay light puts off too much heat, changing the environment and harming your plants.

Our Recommendation

100 Watt LED High Bay UFO Lights -13,000 Lumen- Ultra Efficient 130 Lumens to Watts – Smaller and more efficient – Warehouse LED Lights – LED High Bay Lighting – High Bay LED Lights

The RuggedGrade LED High Bay Lights have 13000 lumen which means they have a blue tint but also contain the entire spectrum and are specially designed to contain heat.

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