High Bay Lights and Storms

How do you know if you have reliable high bay lights? We have thought up a couple of ways to test them and make sure your lights will stand up to any storm.

First, we always recommend securing your hanging system. Top lighting systems currently like the RuggedGrade High Bay LED light come with easy-to-install systems that are extremely reliable. Making sure these systems aren’t hanging on by a thread is a key first step.

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The primary problem with storms and high bay lights is the turbulence caused by roaring thunder. Because it’s outside the building, our recommendation is to have someone on the roof with a rubber mallet pounding lightly on the roof. This is a trial by fire mentality, but it is one that is sure to alleviate an accident when you don’t expect it.

Lastly, pay attention during storms! Make sure you are looking at how your high bay lights withstand the pressure, and make sure that there are no kinks in your fixture system. You can’t solve the problem of no electricity, but you can solve the problem of a poorly secured fixture.

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