High Bay Lights and Heat Lamps

How do you know if your high bay lights are generating too much residual heat? We took a look at the most common methods for discovering and solving this problem!

Heat generation comes from too many lights too close together or simply, old lights. Older lights did not have the LED technology today’s high bay lights have, and therefore generate more heat and use more power. This has two drawbacks:

1. You are heating your warehouse unnecessarily.

This is unhealthy for your lights and unhealthy for your workplace. If you spent over $10,000 on an HVAC and A/C system, for example, the last thing you want is to have that money go to waste because of your high bay lights.

2. You are spending way too much money on your electricity bill.

This is unhealthy for your company because old high bay LED lights simply use more power for the same our less output. Some of the most energy efficient high bay lights are only using 50-100W power and can save you up to 50% on your electric bill!

RuggedGrade 100 Watt LED High Bay UFO Lights

These UFO-Style lights are our recommendation to solve all of your high bay issues. They not only shine bright in warehouses, on basketball courts, and in garages, but they are easy-to-install and customers love them!  The 100 Watt High-Bay UFO Lights provide maximum light while remaining energy-efficient, and are built-to-last with a 5-year warranty.

These lights come with a hook for easy installation, they are small so you can do more with your space, and has 100% customer satisfaction on Amazon.com

At $179.99, you are getting ultra-energy efficient lights with over 13000 lumens and 5000k color all with a 100,000 hour lifespan. You can run these lights for 2 shifts/day for 30 years while having maximum brightness and light coverage for the cost!

100 Watt LED High Bay UFO Lights -13,000 Lumen- Ultra Efficient 130 Lumens to Watts – Smaller and more efficient – Warehouse LED Lights – LED High Bay Lighting – High Bay LED Lights

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