You have high bay lights and they have reached the end of their life. How do you replace them, and what should you replace them with?

Easy Installation

 Most modern LED high bay lights come with a hook for easy installation. That means all you need to do is hook the lights onto a support hook or directly to the ceiling and plug it in. Lights that require more installation than this are typically lower quality in their energy efficiency, heat sink, and lifespan.

Energy Efficiency

100W – 150W is more than enough nowadays to provide plenty of light. Many 100W high bay lights also provide upwards of 9000 lumens of light at 4000k color, meaning everything looks exactly as it should, and your space is bright enough to work in without being too bright to lose focus. From our research, 400W lamps are highly priced but provide nearly identical outcomes. Our recommendations are 150W for ceilings below 25 feet high, and 250W for ceilings 25 feet high. This will reduce your electric bill by potentially 30%, reduce generator strain significantly, and continue productivity in your workplace.

Long Life

Modern, cost-effective high bay LED lights have a lifespan upwards of 40,000 hours. This means that, running 2 shifts/day every day, you would need to replace the lights every 7 years. Of course, with holidays, one shift/day, and weekends, you would get 20 years out of each light. That is incredible, especially when working with highly energy-efficient lights.

Our Recommendation

The most value for your money LED high bay light that meets our criteria is the RuggedGrade 100W LED High Bay light. With 13,000 lumens and over 5000k color, these are ultra energy-efficient, have beautiful white-blue light, and are bright enough for more warehouse spaces. With a lifespan of 100,000 hours, you won’t need to replace these lights for 30 years even if you run 2 shifts/day, and they are priced at only $179.99. These are our favorite LED high bay lights, and we highly recommend them.

100 Watt LED High Bay UFO Lights -13,000 Lumen- Ultra Efficient 130 Lumens to Watts – Smaller and more efficient – Warehouse LED Lights – LED High Bay Lighting – High Bay LED Lights

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