Interior design has become more rustic, modern, and simple over the last several years. How has high bay lighting been affected, and how can interior designers better utilize high bay lights to achieve the feeling they want every person to have?

Blend In

High bay lights should be perfectly visible in plain sight but also invisible when not looking for them.  They should hang from the ceiling prominently but not obtrusively.  They are bright, powerful lights, but they have an important place in the feeling evoked by every person in the room.   These Lighting Ever high bay lights are bright at 120W and cheap at $139.99, but are dark in case the lighting ever needs to be more subtle or the wall paint is dark.

With the ability to hang from the ceiling or be stuck on the floor in the corner, Lighting Ever’s black, 120W high bay light is easy to install, cheap to power, and perfect for interior design.

LE 55W LED High Bay Lighting, Super Bright Commercial Lighting, 150W HPS or MH Bulbs Equivalent, 4800lm, Waterproof, Daylight White, LED High Bay Lights

Cost Effective

Let’s face it, you don’t need $500 high bay lights for intricate interior design, you simply need well-designed lights. These Lind Equipment lights can be used at bars, event spaces, exhibits, and in kitchens to create an atmosphere of openness and experimentation. at 400W, they are plenty powerful, but at under $150.00, they are also inexpensive.

Lind Equipment LE-HB400PLS Temporary High-Bay Light, Pulse Start, 400-Watt Metal Halide, Pre-Wired with Cord and Plug, Quad Tap Ballast.

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