Tesla has recently unveiled not only self driving cars and solar roofs, but also Powerpacks, which are enterprise-level battery systems for energy storage. All of Tesla is run off of solar roofs and these power packs, but what exactly are they, and how could they impact your business?

Powerpacks are enterprise-level energy storage solution giving companies the capability to go entirely off the electric grid. Combined with solar panels on roofs, all energy can come from the sun, eliminating any electric bill. While Powerpacks are still very expensive, costing around $400/kwh, and solar panel installation can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, over time, corporations save money and significantly reduce their environmental impact.

How does this affect high bay lighting? As the energy efficiency of high bay lights has gone up, now with 100W lights being brighter and more powerful than 400W lights from 10 years ago, solar power is a feasible option to light your warehouse. The environmental impact of upgrading high bay lights is already present, and it can be doubled or tripled by using solar power and Tesla Powerpacks. An added benefit is security in power outages. Generators are no longer needed when using solar energy, because solar panels are collecting energy 12 hours/day. Powerpacks store enough of this energy to run warehouses sometimes for up to a week on their own providing an added sense of security that your projects will always be completed on time.

The Lithonia High Bay lights below are a perfect example of lights that would thrive with the Powerpack. They are 4000K LEDs providing 11,200 lumens and lasting 60,000 hours, and are already over 30% more energy efficient than T5HO Fluorescent lights. At $159.99, they are a great light for a great price, and are selling fast!

Lithonia Lighting 2 ft. White LED High Bay Light

Whether or not you decide to take your company solar, it is important to know what is coming. The ability to take your warehouse off the grid, eliminating the need for generators and the liability of power outages is possible with the Tesla Powerpack, and it just takes some modern, high bay lights to get there.

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