Flood Lights – When To Use Them

Flood lights are broad-beamed lights used primarily in outdoor settings with low lighting conditions. Often, you can see them used on the side of the road in construction zones or in cities where workers are making improvements overnight. Flood lights can be highly powerful, but what use cases are they best for?

Sporting Events

Oftentimes, football or soccer practice runs late, especially while it’s warm in the summer.  When practice goes over, it’s cheaper to use flood lights instead of car lights to light the field. Flood lights like the SZPIOSTAR Waterproof Lights below are useful in any weather conditions and are mobile, allowing you to put the lights on the 50-yard line or in the back of the goal.




Oftentimes, there are more people than can be crowded around the fire. When that is the case, flood lights are best to make sure everyone is safe around the patio and can still see even when the sun goes down. In this situation, flood lights are best aimed away from the party but with residual beam lighting the patio and high-traffic areas.

Work Zones

By far the most important use case for floodlights, mobile floodlights that are shock and waterproof are highly valuable to the worksite. Most road work and drilling takes place at night, so what better way to light your work zone than to use mobile floodlights that are easy to move and energy efficient. The SZPIOSTAR Waterproof Lights are powerful at 200W and are energy efficient, using half the energy of 400W lights.

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