Warehouse Lighting – Best Practices

Warehouses can be dangerous places. Heavy machinery, electrical wires, sparks and flammable materials can all lead to fires and work-related accidents that cause companies lost time and lots of money. What are some best practices for warehouse lights?

The most common cause of fires in warehouses is because of electricity. Exposed wires combined with sparks leads to fires that can go from small and manageable to large and dangerous quickly.

The best way to protect from electrical fires is through wire covers. They don’t need to be expensive, and the Wiremold electrical covers below only cost $13.99. Any plastic that can get in between an exposed wire and the surrounding environment helps prevent warehouse fires.

Wiremold CMK10 Mate Cord Organizer Kit

Second, it’s best to funnel all wires into a similar stream. Instead of having wires going all different directions, creating a strategy around how to get all wires into the same place allows you to put hazardous machinery in the opposite area of the warehouse. This is best done through hooks hanging from the ceiling.

Lastly, it’s best to use caution with the high bay lamps you install. Modern high bay lamps use less power than outdated lamps, and you will find yourself with significantly decreased chance of electrical fires with modern high bay technology and standard operating procedures that put safety first.

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