Value of High Bay Lights

Warehouse planners, production line managers, and architects are often asked “What is the value of high bay lights?” Without an informed opinion between high bay and strip lights, this question can be difficult to answer. Over the last several years, high bay lights have gone through rapid technological improvement making them a preferred warehouse and factory lighting solution.

Quick Start Up

Many high bay lights nowadays, especially like this Hyperikon LED High Bay light are instant on.  Gone are the days where five minutes are wasted waiting for the lights to be bright enough.  With the 9500 lumens and 100W brightness, you save 75% on your energy bill all the while you gain back that five minutes every day.


Oftentimes, testing and machining environments have liquid associated with them as coolant, waterproof testing, or metal finishing. In a factory with low ceilings, waterproof high bay lights means you can have all of the benefits without the liability of losing a lamp. Lighting Ever is currently regarded as industry-standard high bay waterproof lights, and our reviewers have deemed their 55W LED Waterproof Light to be the best for your money.

Cost Effective

The lowest price, highest value high bay light we have found is the Yescom 150W 3 LED High Bay Light. With 3 LED lights and a heat sink, 150W provides the perfect mixture of power and energy efficiency. With the ability to save 40% on your energy bill compared to 400W lights, users get the same coverage with less than half the energy used. On sale from $320.00, these lights are coming in at just over $101.00.

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