Every warehouse has a day where power and productivity are lost because of lost power. Most companies nowadays have backup generators that can power most or all of the warehouse, but how do you protect against days without power or even weeks, especially without burning out your generator?

Modern high bay lights have this protection covered. Most lights, with 100W power but the same brightness as lights that had 400W power even 10 years ago are significantly more energy efficient. This means your generator can focus on powering heavy machinery, refrigerators, and air conditioning while only providing a little power for maximum output to your light fixtures.

Modern high bay lights also are easy to install and take down, meaning if there is ever a need to consolidate light fixtures as a temporary fix, rearranging lights may only take 10-15 minutes instead of 3-4 hours.

Lastly, cost effective lights like the Hykolity 120W High Bay lights are the best of both worlds at only $109.00 but with 120W power and the ability to light 30-40 square feet in your warehouse. For more information, the link is below.

Hykolity 120W LED Linear High Bay Light 2FT 13000lm, 5000K Daylight White, ETL and DLC Certified Warehouse Lighting Fixture

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