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No matter if you are buying lights for the first time or you have for decades, keeping up with the current trends and technology can be overwhelming.  There are so many different types of high bay and mounted industrial lights, how do you choose?

We researched the best lighting systems and fixtures, so which are best?

Our Top Pick

RuggedGrade 100 Watt LED High Bay UFO Lights

These UFO-Style lights not only shine bright in warehouses, on basketball courts, and in garages, but they are easy-to-install and customers love them!  The 100 Watt High-Bay UFO Lights provide maximum light while remaining energy-efficient, and are built-to-last with a 5-year warranty.

These lights come with a hook for easy installation, they are small so you can do more with your space, and has 100% customer satisfaction on Amazon.com

At $179.99, you are getting ultra-energy efficient lights with over 13000 lumens and 5000k color all with a 100,000 hour lifespan. You can run these lights for 2 shifts/day for 30 years while having maximum brightness and light coverage for the cost!

100 Watt LED High Bay UFO Lights -13,000 Lumen- Ultra Efficient 130 Lumens to Watts – Smaller and more efficient – Warehouse LED Lights – LED High Bay Lighting – High Bay LED Lights